• Which Bandaids Are You Currently Using To Fix Your Performance Community?

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    Which Bandaids Are You Currently Using To Repair Your Performance Customs?
    We all want to state we now have a culture that is high-performance. But if you’re relying on any of these bandaids, you are not gonna get one.

    Recently, I had a dream that the top my index that is left finger very nearly entirely cut off. A big disgusting, i am aware. But that which was strange is that I was wanting to hold it on with a bandaid. Plus it wasn’t working. The top the hand kept falling off. No matter how numerous bandaids I covered across the finger, the fingertip just would not stick to.

    (If you’re dry-retching about now, i really hope you do once again while you keep reading. It might be inspiration do in order to do something about it.)

    Performance systems in organisations are like chopped-off fingertips, too. They need the kind …

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