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Why You Need An Online Time Clock

Employers who run businesses and companies should have an online time clock to save them money.The online time clock monitors how many work hours employees spend working.

The accuracy of the online time clock does not allow employees to cheat on work hours.

You can monitor how much time your employees are spending working by putting up schedules for them. It also enables you to send text messages and emails to remind employees of tasks. The online time clock will easily enable you to make payroll forecasts.

A full staff schedule can be created by using the online time clock in very few minutes and this will save you the time.

Regardless of your location you can track what your employees are doing using the time clock.

The online time clock will enable you to monitor absences, late clock ins and review expert timesheets. Employees will only be paid for the workers that they give to the company. Supervisors are the only ones who will have permission to edit clock ins and clock outs if there is an error. One can receive notifications by text or email in real time.

One will also be notified when there is an unscheduled clock in and clock out by an employee.

When you have monitored and recorded the working hours of employees, it is very easy to do payroll.

The online time clock will save you many hours of accounting because it can be easily integrated into accounting software. The online time clock will enable you to save and print all the information to other software.FreshBooks and QuickBooks are some of the accounting programs that work with an online time clock.

You’ll be able to verify reports including reimbursements and bonuses. As the supervisor, you will be able to look at clock in and clock out times plus employee notes through the timesheet reports. To know who works and at what hours, you can view the schedule report. Through the online time clock you will be able to see the contact information of all the employees.

All reports in the online time clock can be downloaded and exported as word, excel, and pdf files among others.

Mobile apps can be used with the online time clock to track employees. Employees will have to take photos of themselves through the photo capture tool as they clock in and out.

With the clock guard tool, supervisors are able to note when employees clock in late or leave early so they can take disciplinary action. Employees who work off-site can be monitored by use of the clock point tool. To boost company credibility you can customize your online time clock so that it displays your logo.

The online time clock does not need any software installation.

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